Scouting Corner

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Whether it's hiking, advancement, or conservation projects, the Onteora Alumni Association's Red Trail Wanderers and the LI Greenbelt Trail Conference's Scouting Committee are here to help.

For details on hikes, projects, and anything else, see the links below. 

Projects are open to everyone - not just scouts

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Scheduled conservation projects on Long Island

Camp at Onteora - hike our 20 miles of trails - and the 470 miles of Catskill trails we connect to.

Onteora Scout Reservation Trail Crew

Join us on our annual June work week (June 1-9, 2024) for trail work or take your troop hiking. 

Food supplied by OAA and Chief Steve Shull.


2018 Onteora Reservation Map is free on Avenza. Hike our 20 miles of trails in camp or extend into the Catskill trail system with an additional 470 miles of trails.

We're connected !

On HOLD until further notice

Interested? Email James Van Tassell and let him know you're interested

 Help us grow – Please share with others 

Trail/Committee members are BSA-registered with adult leader training and several are Hiking, Nature and Backpacking merit badge counselors. 

All hikes and projects are either on Long Island or at Onteora Scout Reservation, Teddy Roosevelt Council's camp in Livingston Manor, NY.

Volunteers needed !  

The Red Trail Wanderers are always looking for new members. Want to get involved in leading hikes? Help maintain our trails?  Develop trails guides? Get scouts involved in hiking? Network with other in the Catskill region? - Then join us.