History Trail

List of places - Revised Sep. 14, 2018

Rifle Range/Stables: Brief description of how the site has been used during camp history.

Parade Grounds: The Hub of OSR, Manor House, Tuttle House, Admin, Health Lodge, Bakery, Maintenance, Trading Post(in Manor House), Campfire, Retreat,Ordeal tapout

Dam: Creation of Orchard Lake, Sportsmen's Club, Lower Road to club, then camp

Hunter Road: (@at turnoff to Rattle Hill) The road itself, sale of land to state

Clearings: (or the devastations, as some call them) The long history of logging up in this region and the purpose of the huge clearings that were done recently.

Lemon Squeeze: Geologic history of the region

Swamp: Ecological history of the area

Long House Plaque: The life, death and resurrection of OSR

USGS Benchmark: (at Council House) Explaining benchmarks and topo maps

Wildcat Falls: More geology, rock washouts, flooding

Staff & Alumni Center: old trading post & powerline

Aqueduct: The engineering wonder by which NYC gets its water

Al Nassau: Old settlement