Stop # 16: The Bells

Those distant bells heard throughout the camp

Several times a day you will hear the sound of church bells floating through camp, although it seems almost impossible to tell where the sound of those pealing bells is coming from. Well, if you stand facing west at this spot, not too far from here is the Order of the Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem of the Assumption of the Virgin and of Saint Bru-no.

Founded in 1950 in Rome, there are 550 sisters in 30 monasteries living in 15 countries. Since 1987, at the invitation of New York Archbishop John Cardinal O’Connor, a community of monastic sisters has led a contemplative life by Lake Uncas, just over the camp border. The sisters earn a living by hand painting chinaware and hand knotting rosaries.

The sisters decorate each piece of china individually, first drawing the pattern with a china pencil or with a charcoal stick over a “pouch.” After, they hand paint the pottery with fine brushes, it is then fired in a kiln. The Sisters produce their handmade artwork in solitude and prayer. To learn more about the Order, go to:

DIRECTIONS: Continue heading southeast until you rejoin the Red Trail and return to the Long House.

Congratulations, you have completed your hike on the Legacy of the Sun Trail. We hope you enjoyed your hike and what you saw and learned along the way. There is a follow up questionnaire to be completed, and then reviewed with your Unit Leader.