Belmont trail

Argyle Park to Belmont Lake State Park

An easy 5 or 10 mile hike with picnic areas, bathrooms, three lakes, and a river.

Suggested route:

Start at the northern end of Argyle Lake on Railroad Ave. Hike around the lake and then head north to Belmont Lake State Park. When you enter Belmont Lake SP go around the lake on the west side, include the upper loop, and follow the trail to the end of the east side of the parking lot. Then go to the picnic area for lunch and bathrooms. That completes the 5 mile hike. To turn it into a 10 mile hike return by the same route and end at Railroad Ave.

Argyle Park

Southards Pond Park

Tunnel under Rt 27

Tunnel under LIRR

Belmont Cannon

Belmont Lake

Belmont Estate

Upper Belmont Lake trail

Wine Rasberry

INVASIVE: A native to eastern Asia and was first introduced into the United States in 1890 as breeding stock for new raspberry cultivars.

Poison Ivy

Curly Dock

INVASIVE: A native to Africa, temperate and tropical Asia and Europe.

Sensitive fern

Jack-in-the Pulpit

Flower of Jack-in-the Pulpit


Japanese Honeysuckle

INVASIVE: Native to Japan

Sugar Maple