5-mile hike-1

Red Trail Swamp

5-Mile hike #1: includes the reforestation area by Wichita, the Lemon Squeeze, Red Trail swamp and Wildcat Falls.

Starting at the Long House take the camp roads towards the rifle range. After passing Wichita camp site pick up the OSR Red trail and turn right on the trail. The trail passes between Wichita campsite and the rife range and enters the first area where a reforestation project took place in the winter of 2015.

Members of the Onteora Alumni Association Red Trail Wanderers are planting trees along this section to return the trail to a natural diverse habitat once again. As you approach the upper level of the reforestation area watch for Red blazes. This are is difficult to blaze due to the lack of trees. The trail goes up the hill into the forest, loops around on an old logging road and returns to the reforestation area.

After leaving the reforest area the trail goes downhill and heads towards the Lemon Squeeze. After going through the Lemon Squeeze the trail turns sharp right for 100 ft and then makes a sharp left following along the bottom of a rock ledge. At 0.5 miles past the Lemon Squeeze the trail joins the Old Hunter Rd and turns right following the road down to the Council House. After passing the Council House the trail again enters the forest and heads to the Al Nassau program area. This area was to become the third section of Onteora, but hard times hit BSA and it was never fully developed. There are a few old lean-tos and the program shelter still left standing. In the program shelter there is a trail logbook. Take time to sign in before heading towards the swamp.

After leaving the program shelter the trail heads to another old logging road, goes up hill along the road and makes a sharp right turn near the top of the hill. If you miss the turn you will notice OSR White trail blazes. Turn around and go back to the Red trail turn. Both the White and Red trails run together along this section until you join with another logging road. At this point the Red trail turns right and the White trail goes left. Stay on the Red trail and follow the southern edge of the swamp. The Red trail will join with the OSR Yellow trail past the swamp. Turn right staying on the Red/Yellow trail.

The Red trail heads to Wildcat Falls. Be careful when going down the slope by the falls. It can be slippery.

After leaving the falls the trail continues to the Health Lodge, follows the Health Lodge road to the main camp road and turns left towards the parking lot. Follow the trail to the end of the parking lot and turn right into the forest heading towards the lake. The trail follows the lake and crosses the dam. After crossing the dam turn right on the camp road for 200 ft before turning left up hill. At the top the trail turns right on the Long House loop. When you pass Keuka campsite the trail turns left goes uphill ending at the Long House.

Wildcat Falls

New Bridge our dam